Positives and Fun Sides of Fall



Fall or “autumn”, in my personal opinion is one of the most beautiful and best times of the year. Fall is when football starts, is when farmers can finally harvest, Halloween, the trees turn and look beautiful as the leafs fall, still warm for at least half of fall. Football is how I and many other people around me is why we love fall. Football helps get everyone together on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and to watch their favorite teams and forget about everything to see his and her favorite team try to win. Harvest is the best time of the year for farmers. Its when they get up at dawn and go all day to get the crops in. Most farmers that I know love it when they get up at dawn and just get to harvest all day long, get to dump on the go, unload, and hurry to get back so the combine can unload and so forth.

I also like fall because, well…… my birthday is in October and I personally just love the month of October ( besides for my birthday). October is when football is getting down to the playoffs and to see who’s gonna try to win it all. Fall is when the weather is perfect to me. During the day its just nice enough to wear a long sleeve shirt but not to cold to put a sweatshirt on till later at night. Its also nice enough to still have bonfires at night. Back home me and my friends love to have bonfires, we would have a bonfire at least every weekend and its was the best of times I had with my friends.


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