Do Athletes Make Their Own Destiny?

Ever since sports came to life, athletes have definitely made his or her own destiny. Especially today, several athletes have dedicated themselves to get to through life because it is all most of them have. Sports help numerous athletes get out and start over to something that is positive and they actually have something worth working towards. Brandi Chastain, a former soccer Olympic athlete says every athlete makes his or her own destiny. Coaches have a big impact from NCAA to the Pro’s. A coach’s job is to give athletes the resources necessary to improve, but ultimately the improvement is up to the athlete’s own sense of determination, desire and work ethic. Kobe Bryant is a great example; he was one of the most driven and wanted his destiny and play to be remembered so dearly. He wanted everyone to see that if you love something, dedicate yourself to be the best at what you want to do. Doesn’t have to be at basketball, could be having the best blog posts, or a popular business that everyone wants part of, or even the best looking house in the neighborhood. When you work hard and know you did all that you could do, your self esteem goes up and people look at you and are just amazed on how much work you put in and that you made your own destiny.



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