World without Social Media

I think in today’s age, if social media would not be a thing anymore, people would not know what to do. According to, over 81% of Americans had a social media profile that he or she would look at at minimum once a day. People are just use to going on social media everyday and don’t really think about in detail how much they go on social media. According to, Facebook is the most popular social media app used throughout the globe. I myself use Instagram and Snapchat most of the time. I think Instagram is getting more popular because people like to see other people post pictures and see what they caption a picture as when they post it.

Social media is also a good way to get a business name out in the world. Almost all business today use social media one way or another. According to said that 9 out of 10 companies use social media to their advantage, and that over 100 employees are trained to use social media for the business. People tat use social media the most are 18-34 year old men and women, according to


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